Well, I’ve finally managed to get this new layout off the ground. I learned a lot the first time around, and I think what I’ve done this time is far superior to what I had before. Of course, I’m still a little low on the content for the Professional and Creative areas, as I had just begun getting that stuff off the ground when I got distracted with the redesign. That, and this website has itself been my most significant (recent) creative project.

mistypedURL screenshot

I owe a lot of people some serious thanks for this, but that’s content for another post. I’m also going to try and enter this into the Best Wordpress Design Award contest they’re holding over at WPWebhost, in either the “Clean” or “Modern” categories (whichever they decide is best). I’ll be going against titans like Rogie King, but losing to people like him is going to be fun.

Please take the time to let me know what you think, especially if you find bugs that I somehow forgot to squash. Oh, and check out the awesome new set of RSS feeds, that now include my “mini posts” of interesting stuff I find around the web.


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