I’ve been meaning to photograph and post pictures of my better traditional art pieces for some time. Over the weekend I was inspired by my boss to actually follow through with the plan, and as a result there will finally be some content in the dusty “Creative” inglenook of this site, after standing vacant for longer than it takes the Earth to journey around the sun.

I’m dating the posts containing the images with the approximate date the works themselves were completed, so they’re not going to show up on the front page as the earliest ones are from 2000. Wow, remember Y2K? I’m missing one pastel painting because I dropped it off at Johns Hopkins University for an art exhibit just last week.

This is also one of those situations where having thumbnails in the excerpt section would be quite helpful, but thanks to my crummy styling it looks like poo if there isn’t a lot of preview text. Since I don’t have speeches to make after every picture, thumbnails are disabled for now. Yes, my site needs another redesign.

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