Selene was the first character I created for Dragon Age: Origins, and was somewhat inspired by the Sitians in the world of the Poison Study novels. Her face is very loosely based on Candice Swanepoel. For those who are interested, I used the Dragon Age Toolset for the additional face customization options as well as the Vibrant Colors mod for hair, eye, and skin tones. Unfortunately I didn’t start taking decent screenshots until much later in the game, but what’s in the gallery are some of the best of what I do have.

Selene Amell is a human mage from the Circle Tower in western Ferelden. Around age five, her magical abilities began to manifest and she was taken from her family by the Templars. Like many Fereldens, her birth family feared of magic and those who manipulated it; she would not see them again. Instead, she was raised and trained by the Circle Magi, where First Enchanter Irving became her father figure. After passing her Harrowing in her early twenties, she got caught helping her friend leave the Tower only to find out that he was secretly a Blood Mage. With the alternative being execution at the hands of the Templars, Selene chose to join the Grey Wardens.

During her travels as a Warden, Selene became close to Morrigan, a Witch of the Wilds, inspired by her life as a mage outside the tight control of the Templars. She also managed to earn the respect of the Qunari warrior Sten and the golem Shale. Despite initially disliking Alistair, the two became close friends and eventually fell deeply in love. After helping Alistair become king, Selene made a difficult choice to allow both of them to survive the battle with the Archdemon; unfortunately for the pair, Ferelden law prevents mages from holding titles. Though unable to be queen, she has quietly maintained her relationship with Alistair and convinced him to give the Circle Tower its independence. The position of queen currently remains vacant.

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