This past fall I began taking art classes again, with the hope of finishing a picture I’d started in ye olde 2004 or so.I thought it would be cool to photograph it after each session to track the progress. While the shots aren’t consistent enough to do a true time-lapse, I think it will be interesting to see how the picture develops.

Before the fall I hadn’t touched it for five years but I’d managed to keep it largely dust-free. It’s larger than all of my previous pastel paintings, which is at least one factor making it take longer to complete. I’ll probably change the publish date on this post as I make updates so it will be obvious when something’s changed.

Update 1/28/10: Starting to work on the rocks (sorry, Amir). This is a bit tedious as many of them use the exact same color combinations.

Update 2/4/10: More rocks.

Update 2/18/10: More rocks, this time on the left side of the fall.

Update 2/25/10: Finally got some kind of base color on all of the rocks in the piece.

Update 3/4/10: Brown glazing over left side rocks.

Update 3/29/10: Missed a couple of classes for various reasons. I’m concerned I’m not going to finish this in time.

Update 4/1/10: Trees and grass.

Update 4/12/10: Trees and more trees.

Update 4/15/10: Trying to make the trees more irregular.

Update 4/26/10: The end is in sight!

Update 5/6/10: Finished.

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