Waterfall. Pastel, completed May 2010. I started this picture back in 2004 and got about as far as the charcoal underdrawing before I put it aside. One year of high school and four years of college later, I decided to pick it up, take art class again and finish it. I took some pictures of it while it was still a work in progress as much to show the progression as to convince myself I was getting somewhere with it. Now that it’s finished, it’s rather interesting to be able to look back and see the steps.

Left is the picture pre-framing, with the pastel bleeding over the edges. The framed version was supposed to trim off some of this but it does a bit more than I think I would have liked. It’s currently hanging at the art studio for the end-of-year show we had but once I get it back I’ll update this with a final frame and mat version as well.

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