Several years ago Rachel picked up “Show Me How” on impulse, a book with hundreds of random things to learn how to do to make yourself more leet. I mean, when the situation arises where an alligator has to be wrestled or a baby delivered, who doesn’t want to be the one who steps up and says, “It’s okay, I’ve got this?” This treasure trove of instruction also demonstrated a few neat ways to lace shoes, which got me interested in other creative methods.

I ended up deciding to try out a different unique lacing method on each of my favorite pairs of shoes. On the first row there’s Loop Back, Double Helix, and Lattice. The second row has Double Cross, Double Color, and standard Crisscross (the sneaker on the far right). The Double Helices are mirror images of each other, and the Double Cross laced Chucks are actually blue-gray, though they look nearly black in the photo. The black and tan Sketchers have a slight variation on the Double lacing method – I wanted to shorten the ends without cutting the laces.

I’m itching to try out the Angel and Devil lacing methods but since they don’t tie normally at the top, I haven’t found the right shoe for them yet.

Update: These pictures got featured on Ian’s Shoelace Site, which happens to be the best resource for shoe lacing techniques. w00t!

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