I’m surprised how easily duped voters are (if not in fact, certainly in the eyes of the Romney campaign). His opinions on issues vacillate something like the following exchange:

Primary Voter: I support voting rights for fetuses!
Mitt: If there is one thing I know I support, it’s voting rights for fetuses.
Primary Voter: Excellent, this gentleman represents me!

Later, in the general election…

Obama: This nincompoop supports voting rights for fetuses! They don’t even have the grip strength to hold a pen!
MItt: That’s preposterous, voting rights for fetuses is a waste of our time when we need to be focusing on how Obama’s fair tax plan unfairly taxes millionaires and billionaires.
Primary Voter: That Mitt, what a guy. I’m glad he supports my views.

Doesn’t anybody see that and say, “What the heck, you just betrayed us all?” How could you vote for somebody after they flat out reversed their position on something that got you to vote for them in the first place?

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