Today I gave my first-ever presentation on my research to the other the LLU graduate students and assembled faculty. Since I haven’t done this before, it was kind of my debut as a budding scientist, so I wanted to make a good impression. I spent a lot of time working on this presentation, which represents in twenty minutes the meager amount of knowledge and data I’ve managed to amass in the past sixteen months.

I put a couple of weeks and at least one ridiculously late (early?) night into setting up the content and laying out the slides and transitions. Since purple is the awareness color for the Alzheimer’s Association, I used that as my primary color in the slides. I also coordinated my outfit to match, complete with a stealth Threadless shirt.

I was most worried about the questions people might ask me at the end of the talk, but I actually think I handled those decently well. My classmates also gave me a lot of positive feedback, which certainly makes me feel good. Now I’m trying to flush the excess cortisol out of my bloodstream before tomorrow, when I have to make and print a scientific poster. If you’re dying to see the presentation, it’s available online. It’s even downloadable, if that suits your fancy.

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