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Back in Albequerque

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I didn't think I'd be driving on these roads so soon after Rachel and I drove from Maryland to California. We've recognized a number of places we either passed by or stopped at back in July. It's looking like our group is going to recapitulate our western journey even further with a detour to the [...]

What happened here?

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When we put the chicken away last night the bowl was fine. This afternoon we got it out for lunch and found this scene of devastation. Especially odd is that it looks like it’s missing a whole piece, but we didn’t find any yellow plastic sections anywhere. Hrm… Anybody who was at my [...]

Nilla Mitosis

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My bag of mini Nilla wafers contained one that was in the process of dividing when it was fixed (baked). The specimin allowed me to complete an informative and delicious diagram.

Confocal Microscopy

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While waiting for my turn on the confocal microscope I did a little advanced imaging of my own. I took this with picplz but so far I’m not too “plzed” with how they deal with the images. Equating caption and title isn’t all that great, although the effects are kind of fun.

Post-Exam Boba

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One thing we got introduced to when we moved out here was boba tea, a delicious blend of tea, milk, and little balls of tapioca (the boba). You drink it carefully through a large straw and try to make the boba last until you finish the tea.
We went after our exam today to [...]

More Beach Pictures

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Time has clearly been traveling too fast, causing me to get horribly behind on posting pictures. Here are a few cell phone shots from a beach trip we took last month. Tania volunteered to hold sunglasses while people were in the water, and ended up wearing four pairs.

Grad Students Hard at Work

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This is what happens when we get out of class early but still have another class, so there’s not enough time to do anything else.

Pi Day! (with pictures)

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This week included March 14th, or 3/14, the holiday in commemoration of a certain special number celebrated by geeks and nerds everywhere. The homophony with pie provides instructions on how said day should be observed. Our Pi Day party featured a spread of six delicious pies: Blueberry, apple, peach praline, key lime, chocolate pudding, and [...]

Melted Spoon

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Apparently the hot water needed to cook Easy Mac was enough to transform my school-provided plastic spoon into a tortured claw.

Ninja Chalk Drawing

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Somebody left this on the chalkboard in our classroom. Wow.