bookTuner: A Wordpress Plugin for


bookTuner is a Wordpress plugin for displaying books from a shelf. After configuring, you can use tags to build a customized display of the book’s title, author, and jacket artwork, as well as a link to its page on Goodreads and a preview of your review. You can see some of these options in [...]

At Long Last, AMCAS Realizes It’s 2010

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Amusingly, the keyword searches that bring the most traffic to my site (what little it is) have to do with the AMCAS application not working in modern browsers, including anything running on OS X. It looks like they’ve finally decided to update the site for the 2011 application cycle, and this time they’ve added an [...]

Using Google Wave for Academic Collaboration

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I’ve been wanting to get out a paper on some of my undergraduate research and with my impending cross-country move, it’s moved back up the priority queue. In preparing this paper I will be collaborating with my PI as well as the then-senior grad student, now-postdoc who helped me at the time. This seemed like [...]