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Waterfall. Pastel, completed May 2010. I started this picture back in 2004 and got about as far as the charcoal underdrawing before I put it aside. One year of high school and four years of college later, I decided to pick it up, take art class again and finish it. I took some pictures of [...]

Waterfall [WIP]

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This past fall I began taking art classes again, with the hope of finishing a picture I’d started in ye olde 2004 or so.I thought it would be cool to photograph it after each session to track the progress. While the shots aren’t consistent enough to do a true time-lapse, I think it will be [...]

Retroactive Updating

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I’ve been meaning to photograph and post pictures of my better traditional art pieces for some time. Over the weekend I was inspired by my boss to actually follow through with the plan, and as a result there will finally be some content in the dusty “Creative” inglenook of this site, after standing vacant for [...]

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Moonlight over water. Pastel, completed December 2004. I gave this picture to Rachel the day of our wedding.



A beach at low and storm tides. Pastel, Low Tide completed December 2002, Storm Tide completed May 2003.

Mare and Foal


Mare and Foal. Pastel, completed May 2001.

WW2 Fighter


I based this on a picture in a book of WW2 fighter planes, but I can’t remember which model this was. Pastel, completed December 2000.

Pencil Lion


Graphite pencil, completed sometime in May 2000.